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June 2022 Commencement Program (schedules & list of grads)

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Note: This program is not an official list of graduates.

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UCI grad mazes

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Grad maze 1 grad maze 2 grad maze 3

Use the #UCIGrad AR filter

UCI Instagram filter

1. Go to the @ucirvine Instagram profile

2. Click on the magic sparkles above their posts

3. Add the filter to your IG and have fun tossing your cap!

Add some animated UCI flair to your stories
UCI backgrounds

Anteater grad Commencement backgrounds

Anteater grad with zot background Anteater grad background


Initially designed for Zoom but usable as backgrounds for just about anything:

Anteater bench

UCI backgrounds

Athletics backgrounds

UCI Libraries backgrounds

UCI Student Center backgrounds

Celebratory card graphics

congrats grad slide congrats grad slide UCI class of 2022  congrats grads slide 

UCI grad sign 1 UCI grad sign 2